Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Filling

**(Click here to get the best versions of my recipes. There are key changes in both the batter and especially in the buttercream frosting. In the best way, no jello mix or meringue is needed, and it tastes the best too! Please visit the page to get the best help. The page also has the recipe for the cream cheese filling, but you will have to read further on this page to see what I did to actually fill the cupcakes)

So I came home for the weekend because I have Monday off for MLK day. Vanessa and I decided we wanted to make cupcakes!

Strawberry sounded good and I intended to make it from scratch but figured it would be easier to use the strawberry cake mix I already had in the cupboard. I decided on strawberry cupcakes, strawberry buttercream, and a cream cheese filling. The full recipes for every component and some tips can be found here: Fresh Strawberry Cupcake Recipes
So I looked up suggestions/recipes for adding some fresh strawberries in anyway. You basically follow the instructions on the box and subtract the amount of strawberry puree you use from the amount of water you use. So for our batter, it called for 1 1/4 cup of water--I added 1/4 cup of strawberry puree, so then only 1 cup of water.

I also decided to use egg whites again and it worked out great--again! Love when things are consistent. Here's a picture of what the egg whites will look like whisked (left) and the pureed strawberries.

So we just followed the recipe for using egg whites, added only 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of strawberry puree, and baked the cupcakes. They took about 22 minutes.

While they cooked we made the strawberry buttercream. We used the "Class Buttercream" which is the basic buttercream that actually holds shape which can be found here. Then I used a hint from someone on who said to just add a few tablespoons of strawberry jello mix, and strawberry puree to your buttercream to get the strawberry buttercream. It worked out great but the strawberry puree made it pretty thing so we added about a cup more powdered sugar, and about a half to a full tablespoon more meringue to make it hold. It worked out great! It held shape and tasted delicious!

The cupcakes were also delicious--the fresh strawberries made them so delectable. Then we made a creme cheese filling which called for 1 8oz package of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, and 1/4 cup milk. We used the filling tip to fill the cupcakes.

Here's a filled and iced cupcake we cut open:

Then we used the 1M tip, which is a really big star tip, to ice the tops. We garnished a few of the cupcakes with a slice of strawberry.

They worked out perfectly! They tasted awesome. I had a bunch of family over that day, and they went on about how good they were! I know many family members helped them selves to 2 or 3 of them :) Love that they were appreciated! So there are 3 left, and it's only the first day! Usually I can't get people to eat things I bake (just because they don't want it/claim they don't need it/I made too much; not because it doesn't taste good!) but this time they went like hotcakes!

Here's some pictures of the finished product.

And Vanessa with the cupcakes.

And me with the cupcakes.

It was a great day for baking indeed!

Have a great day!


  1. ummm hello, delicious! These look so amazing! And... I didn't know you had a blog! I want to make cupcakes... I'm impressed that you filled them, too! Thanks for being a faithful follower of my blog haha!

  2. hehe thanks Christy!! and yes I do have a blog :) I've posted a link to every one of my entries on facebook! but you're not on as often as I am so I guess it could've been easy to miss :) you don't have to read them all, but definitely check out my fondant creations and other cakes! you can click the tag links on the left hand side of the page right after the "followers" part. click on fondant and it will take you posts of fondant cakes. Click on cake, or baby, or buttercream to be taken to my other cake (or just look a few posts back). you should check out my mocha caramel cupcakes! yum yum!

    And your welcome for being a follower--I absolutely love reading your blog! so fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I am SO going to try this recipie my daughter is a HUGE strawberry cupcake fan and so far no recipie I've done has been strawberry enough for her so will be trying this one.
    How do I find your page/blog on FB??
    Best :)

  4. Great, Anna! I hope your daughter likes it! It you don't want to use meringue, look at my updated recipes. I am typing on my phone so i can't post a link but there should be a strawberry cupcakes recipe link on the top left of the page. I have improved recipes for icing there. And as for a page on fb--I don't have one :) just this blog!

  5. Lauren,I live in Iowa so fresh Strawberries aren't available, will try this recipe using the Stawberry Puree by Finest Call. They use it in bars to flavor drinks. It is non-acholic so wish me luck !